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March 11, 2020

My Name’s Max – short for nothin’


Sandy ~

Sandy was the dog my dad had when my parents were married. They took her everywhere…even camping in the Smokey Mountains and trips to Skyline Drive, hiking along the C & O Canal… dad said it was a hassle sometimes, because she’d get burrs and briars stuck in her coat. Which would have to be brushed out when they got back to the camper.

I don’t know how old she was when she passed away, but it was sudden. My dad had taken her to the vet to have some minor work done. Something happened and she passed away. The vet didn’t even have the courtesy to let my dad know before going to get her after work. He didn’t know until he showed up at the vets! He wasn’t happy, but what could he do?

Susie ~

After Sandy passed away, I’m guessing in 1970 (?) they got Susie, a German Shepherd/Collie mix. They had her when my sister and I were little. She didn’t pass away until 1985 or 86.

One day, before I was born, my mom had taken her shopping with her and upon returning home, Susie spotted a rabbit in the yard. She jumped out the window of the moving truck, breaking her hip. She was never the same after that.

Being a long haired dog, she stayed outside unless it got really, really cold. I remember her having a bed on the “mudroom” where the indoor/outdoor bathroom was. It was very rare that she was actually brought into the house, until she started getting too old.

(I need to find more pics of Susie…)

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  • we have had more dogs since Sandy and Susie, I’m just trying to keep everything in order!
  • so far… word count is 6722 and is 33 pages long, I think my dad would be impressed! Considering that he had his story at 5 pages…maybe!

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