all MD Public schools closed

March 12, 2020


My boyfriend just told me that all Maryland public schools are closed…due to the coronavirus!
So glad this doesn’t affect us… of coarse, I had to look it up, and it’s true…

here’s the link

…through the 27 of March! All school-sanctioned travel is also cancelled….

AND the national guard has been activated!

What’s going on in your area?

And here is a photo to lighten the mood…

she says she doesn’t care about this virus
…just stay home!!

Have a great day!
Stay safe!
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9 Comments on “all MD Public schools closed

  1. All I can say is I’m glad I’m in my 30s, have a fully functioning immune system, and spend most of my time at home. Except maybe not that last one. Yeah. I wish I could go out and travel more. Ah well.

    Haven’t been keeping abreast of the local news, but my social circles have been having switches in colleges to online classrooms. I heard one college shut down the dorms and there was rioting b/c all the students had to go home. Online courses but keeping the dorms open seems like the way to go.

    I hate how much gossip and rumor there is around this thing. It’s just a damn virus. I want to see a frikkin’ cure before this is all through.

  2. Just found out we have a case in Springfield, MO….I’m on the outskirts in Branson. My son and daughter-in-law just moved to Washington and other son and daughter-in-law and grandbaby in Alaska. Seattle is my hub to see them. But this is putting a stop to it. My prayers for everyone effected.

  3. I know we’ve grown up in a country where public education is much of it’s past, but it was not so early in our history. And today, with a plethora of sources, books and texts easily accessed, and online sources (school and otherwise), we may have what we need. The youth should be encouraged to pursue excellence, believing that we all have what we need to be successful, and to chart their own paths. That takes time of course. But it’s what created this great country. As I’ve said to others, though I went to college and got two degrees, 90% of my education came on my own, through hobbies, reading, jobs, and more. I didn’t want others to motivate me. I wanted to be self-motivated, and I am. Self motivation always leads to far better outcomes, provided honesty and family are a part.

    • You are right! I homeschooled my son during the high school years. I am nothing but an artist/photographer, but I am also his mom. Some say they could never home school, but if you know your child, I say you can. Homeschooling is much different than public school. School isn’t a one size fits all, as is life, and the education system has been hijacked.
      With this virus, parents are starting to wake up, as to what they’re teaching our children. I just hope enough are…

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