all my troubles seemed so far away

March 13, 2020

taken December 13, 2019

…exactly three months ago…and I didn’t even plan it this way!

“Yesterday’s just a memory
tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.”
~ Bob Dylan

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My shoulder is feeling a little better!! I took some Aleve and have been mostly sitting on the couch, doing nothing and working on some photos! Time always gets away from me – somehow – and I don’t get as many photos done as I would like.

Something is better than nothing. Right?

I’ll probably be doing the same thing tomorrow…even as nice as it is out right now! And I’m not going to the doc’s unless I absolutely have to…not with this corona virus going around! My boyfriend’s doing all the grocery shopping… I would be of no help, since I can’t lift anything…

Trump is doing a news conference/press briefing or something at three today – supposedly declaring a national emergency or something!


Hope you have a great day!
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“I can’t go back to yesterday

Because I was a different person then”
~ Lewis Carroll

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