Night Prowlers

March 17, 2020

Frederick (MD) County Legend

This story comes from Spirits of Frederick by Alyce T. Weinberg.

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“A man living on a farm near Walkersville years ago rode his horse into the center of the community every evening to take his seat on the liars’ bench in front of the country store. He had to ride past an old church graveyard, and, if it was dark, his horse would become frightened at a certain spot and balk and shy off the road.”

One evening, the farmer had had enough and decided to force his horse to stay on the path. Halfway past the old church, the man felt something plop down behind him and press hard on his head. The horse darted wildly forward at breakneck speed, while he held on for dear life – as scared as the horse was.

When he finally got home, both were drenched in sweat and trembling. The farmer decided not to tell of his harrowing experience…knowing that his family say that he was drunk. When he sat down to breakfast the next morning, his grandmother noticed immediately that there was a change. He now had a white hand print in his black hair, that would stay there for the rest of his days.

Rondel Legore tells of the farmers story and some others as well…

  • A neighbor lady, who was very old died with out ever having her photograph taken. The family scrambled to have a photo taken of her, in her casket, and placed it in the family Bible. Years later, the Bible was given to a young boy to keep him quiet at a family gathering. He let out a piercing yell, and upon looking in the Bible, the old photo was found – the features of the woman had disintegrated just like they would in the grave. Nothing but skull and bones…
  • Something that happened to Legore personally… on several occasions, his step mother would note that she could see smoke rings come through the open bedroom door and could smell stale cologne. She would wake his father, telling him about it, he would tell her she was just dreaming.
    He – Rondel – would ask about strange noises, but his father would just tell him they were probably just people who had worked at the plant stopping by, looking for work. As a child, he accepted the story his father told, but then came the time when he would stay the night at home alone. He brought his favorite Belgain sheepdog in for the night to keep him company… when he started hearing noises that night, he reached down to pet the dog, for comfort, but he wasn’t there. He was by the door, silhouetted by the moonlight, standing like he was petrified. His eyes were glassy, tail between his legs and every hair on his back was standing straight up. At this point, he knew the noises were not natural.
    He remembers his own mother wouldn’t stay in the house alone…this, a woman that wasn’t scared of anything!

The LeGore Family Kiln…this is where these stories come from. The family had a large house, a barracks (lodging house) for hired hands, and a huge barn. People who would come to work at the plant lived in the barracks and ate at the big house. When the barracks were torn down, they started getting visitors…of the non-human kind!

Rondel suspected that his father knew they were getting nightly visitors…

Legore Bridge

If you would like to read more about the Legore Bridge, click here

“Historically, the LeGore Lime Company quarry and plant was located on the west side of the Pennsylvania Railroad at LeGore adjacent to the smaller Barrick operation. Operations commenced in 1861 on approximately 200 acres. This quarry exhibits the most complete section of Grove limestone from white fine-grained limestone to marble and shaly dark limestone. Lime was sold principally to the agricultural trade. Crushed stone and agricultural limestone were also produced.” – Burgess & Commissioner’s Public Hearing Draft – Woodsboro Comprehensive Plan – Feb. 25, 2008

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