so much to do . . .

March 13, 2020

First, I need to tell you that I pulled a muscle in my shoulder yesterday! My right shoulder… so, I’m going to be spending most of my time…doing nothing? Yeah right…I’ve got so many photos to work on, that’s what I’m going to be doing today! I can’t really lift anything, do any cleaning, gardening, or much of anything…so sitting on the couch and getting some computer work done is my “to do list” today. And there is so much to work on…everything else can wait! My boyfriend and my son…at my beck and call today! Hahaha!! Yeah right! Well, they’ll help me out as much as they can. And it’s not like I’m not totally useless, just can’t do what I had been planning on doing!

That’s life!

“My love is like a candle,
if you forget me
I will burn your house down”
~ ? ~

another plant growing in a dream…
I’m gonna have to do something about all these dreams I’m having…

I was hoping to get some of my baby holly’s transplanted over the weekend… as I have found another one! So, that’s a total of seven or eight! I’d have to go out and count them again! While I was out yesterday cleaning out my rose bush is when I found another holly – but not the one below! I found this one while we were cutting up the tree limb that fell on the house!

do you ever listen to a song
just for that one part?

And then there’s this…

. . . There’s supposed to be an image here . . .
But I guess you’ve seen something similar
So no big deal
1000 posts!

I received this message that I’ve made 1000 posts! Yeah, no big deal really, just thought I’d share! And I’ve deleted some! One’s that didn’t have a photo, or weren’t all that good. I never really thought I’d get this far…

Some other interesting stats… 578 total followers… 368 word press followers… considering that I was at 300 total followers at the beginning of the year!?! Something is going right!! Right?

  • black and white dragonfly is still my most viewed post at 215 views
  • Did you know that today will never be tomorrow? is my second most viewed post at 199 views
  • 12,368 all time views from all over the globe! And I do mean – all over the globe!! Too many countries to list, but you know who you are and where you live!!
  • nature and humor are still my thing, with little quips – like today – interspersed here and there
  • now that spring is here, I will be heading outside more, hitting the hiking trails and going fishing!

So…I wanted to say thank you to everyone! I wouldn’t be able to do this with out you!!

You gave me your time
the most thoughtful gift of all
thank you!

4 Comments on “so much to do . . .

  1. ““My love is like a candle,
    if you forget me
    I will burn your house down”
    ~ ? ~”

    HAH! Wow. X-D

    Yes, I DO listen to songs for just that one part sometimes. What else a music aficionado s’pposed to do?

    Thanks for the photos, Holly…

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