oh pretty violet

March 14, 2020

cell phone photo

taken today
March 14, 2020
with my cell phone
AMAZON: Violet

Pretty Violet
Oh Pretty Violet

Spiritual wisdom

Delicate Love
~ HCMorris ~

February Birth Flower
State flower of Illinois, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Rhode Island
50th Wedding anniversary
white violet = candor
dreaming of violets mean that a fortune is coming your way

Tomorrow is…

March 15
Everything you think is wrong day
~ This could be interesting ~
National Pears Helene Day
National Shoe the World Day
National Kansas Day

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

linked to Amazon: Violet by Scott Thomas; available on kindle , audiobook, paperback, audio cd; 446 pages, published by Inkshares (September 24, 2019); “About the Author: Scott Thomas is the Stoker-nominated author of Kill Creek, which was selected by the American Library Association’s reader committee as the top horror book of 2017. Originally from Coffeyville, Kansas, Scott attended the University of Kansas where he earned degrees in English and Film. He has written TV movies and teleplays for various networks including Netflix, Syfy, MTV, VH1, the CW, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC family. Scott was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for his work on R.L. Stein’s The Haunting Hour. He lives in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife and two daughters. Violet is his second novel.” (AMAZON) I am an Amazon Associate and may make money with qualified purchases. Thank you!

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Reality called
So I just hung up

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