no fish :(

March 16, 2020

Well, we didn’t catch any fish…but I did get some pretty neat pics.

Potomac River
I really have no idea…
I think it has something to do with the C & O Canal
I think…

there will be more pics later

While we were fishing…our gov, Larry Hogan, essentially shut down the state. Or so it feels 🙁 The only stores that can stay open are grocery and pharmacies. Bars and restaurants are allowed to offer carry out, but that’s about it… It seems that slowly, one by one, each state is shutting down!

Here’s another household tip for ya…


white vinegar

can be used…

  • laundry…use in place of fabric softener
  • apple cider vinegar – clean coffee makers, just run through the coffee maker like you would making a pot of coffee
  • clean the microwave…put some vinegar in a glass microwave safe dish in microwave up to 5 minutes, let sit for five minutes, wipe down
  • pet stain remover for carpets…sprinkle baking soda on stain, spray affected area(s) with vinegar, baking soda will foam. Cover over night with a rag, scrub or pat the area dry…always test an area first to see if the concoction is safe to use. In my experience, if there is still baking soda residue, keep spraying area until baking soda is dissolved. Stains and smell will disappear.

There will be more, but for now…

Tomorrow is

March 17
St. Patrick’s Day
National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day
World Social Work Day
National 3D Day

Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!

I know this isn’t exactly normal for me, but it is what it is!
Take care
Wash your hands
Stay Safe

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