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March 19, 2020

WORKING: My dad worked at numerous places throughout the years. After working at the gas station, with the nickname “Maxy”, he got a job at AGA – Aero Geo Astro. He was a draftsman, where he worked on designing electrical circuit boards. Some of the jobs required top secret clearance. After my parents were married, dad told mom that if she ever felt like she was being followed or watched, she probably was. When being cleared for top secret jobs, they looked into all family members and friends. My dad had one friend that was denied clearance because of his acquaintances.

After AGA, he worked at “WJ”, Watkins-Johnson. This is where he worked when I was born, again, as a draftsman. He also had top secret clearance here. This was very serious business and he never told me what most of the jobs were…except that he worked on a battery for a satellite, and a certain something for a certain president. I don’t even think my mom knew a lot of the things that he worked on. It was safer that way.

The satellite my dad worked on

After Watkins-Johnson, my dad worked for ComSat, in Clarksville, another place I can’t remember in Knoxville, and then in Frederick…. Carter Control and ?. This is when he retired.

While working in Frederick, he helped design water reuse systems for the military. From what I can remember, they worked on the whole system at the job site. My dad and another coworker, would put them in crates to be shipped. They were both older and they would take turns “inside the crate”, stacking the items to be shipped. By the time they were done packing, they would be covered in sweat. If one of them had called out for whatever reason, a young guy would be sent to help. Most of them would walk away, saying “I can’t do that!”

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