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March 19, 2020

Picture of the Day

taken February 4, 2020
F-Stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/80sec; ISO 250
focal length 55mm
AMAZON: Proverbs from around the world

“A kind word is like a spring day.”
~ Russian Proverb

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linked to Amazon: Proverbs from around the world: A collection of timeless wisdom, wit, sayings and advice by Gerd de Ley; available as a hardcover book; 176 pages, published by Hatherleigh Press (September 24, 2019); “Proverbs from Around the World collects the best proverbs from all corners of the earth. Proverbs from Around the World feature a grand collection of these passed down knowledge and witticisms from all continents–Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. In so doing, the book gives insight to the wonderful and rich cultures around the world and perhaps helping us all realize that ultimately we are one people.” (AMAZON) I am an Amazon Associate and may make money with qualified purchases. Thank you!

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“Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life”
~ unknown

  • this is my new normal, for now anyway!

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