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March 20, 2020

I found this daffodil that had been separated from its base, so I decided to take some pics – with my cell phone – and share a little sunshine! It’s sitting in a jar of water on the counter now – with sugar and a little bit of bleach to make it last longer.

Both images taken today!


  • the national flower of Wales
  • contain a natural compound called narciclasine in daffodil bulbs, beneficial in treating brain cancer
  • Daffodil bulbs contain poisonous crystals which only certain insects can eat with impunity
  • squirrels will stay away, but can make dogs sick
  • represented chivalry during the Victorian era, today they represent hope
  • 10th wedding anniversary flower
  • legend says that a single bloom is a sign of misfortune to come
  • there are apparently 25 different daffodil species and up to 13,000 different hybrid varieties

March birth flower

symbolizes affection
new beginning
if you were born in March:
good sense of humor
strive to resolve conflicts

Tomorrow is…

March 21
National Quilting Day
National California Strawberry Day
National Countdown Day
National Corn Dog Day
World Down Syndrome Day
National Single Parent Day
National French Bread Day
National Fragrance Day
National Common Courtesy Day

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Stay safe
Take care
Much love

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