a comfy place

March 21, 2020

Cell Phone Photos
taken today
~ 3 – 20 – 2020 ~

oh give me a place
that is comfy to sit
and the snacks
aren’t to far away

where I can lay here with ease
and there aren’t any fleas
and the snacks aren’t that far away

~ HCMorris ~
*to the tune of
Home On The Range
by John Denver
(and other artists)

Home On the Range…

  • a classic western folk song
  • state song of Kansas since 1947
  • composed by Daniel Kelley
  • text by Dr. Brewster Higley
  • sometimes called the “unofficial anthem” of the American West
  • Higley wrote the lyrics in the poem “My Western Home” in 1872
  • popular artists who have sung this are
    – John Denver (and the Muppets)
    – Bing Crosby (Sept 27, 1933)
    – Willie Nelson
    – Frank Sinatra
    – Gene Autry
    – Roy Rogers
    – Marty Robins
    – Niel Young
    – and many, many others

Tomorrow is…

March 22, 2020
National Bavarian Crepes Day
National Goof Off Day
National West Virginia Day

“Hold on to what makes you happy
If it tries to buck you off
hold on tighter.”
~ unknown ~

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Sweeter than tea
stronger than whiskey
tougher than nails

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