Keeping Busy

March 22, 2020

Today we downed two trees, cut them up and/or split them. It’s good to get out on the property and get things done! Not that I’m not concerned about what it going on in the country, the world…but since I can’t go anywhere, might as well do something!

logs to get the fire going…
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We downed a maple and a black cherry tree. Part of the black cherry was rotten, but there’s enough good wood to keep. I held the wood on one side of the saw horse, while my boyfriend cut on the other side. So far, I haven’t lost any fingers. Just kidding!!

I took other pictures but my cell phone started acting up, so I couldn’t resize them to show you. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday!

Last night…my cat got a little freaked out while on the deck, he came back in while I sat there…and listened. It sounded like a deer – or something similar – was being attacked. Of course, it was dark and I couldn’t do more than listen. Then, this morning, when my boyfriend was getting things ready to start working on the trees and branches he called me and told me not to come out quite yet. He said there was an animal he swore looked like a small bear – maybe a baby. It’s just got me curious…with seeing this animal this morning and hearing what I heard last night… what ever was attacking the animal/deer had to be a pretty big animal.So for a while…we will be keeping ears and eyes open for anything – anything – strange going on.

Did I ever mention that I have asthma type allergies? That’s why I’m not going out, or at least off the property…Maybe to fish or go hiking when the weather’s good enough. My boyfriend shouldn’t go out either, but we really have no other other choice, as my son does not drive. If it comes to it, we might do the personal shopper thing, but for now…we are good and staying safe! Hope you are too!
I’ll do a post tomorrow about how this corona virus is impacting the area where I live tomorrow. Promise!!

Sorry if it seems like I’m rambling…

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Cunningham Falls waterfall with green plants growing on rocks
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“Trust the wisdom of your soul
… it knows the way.”
~ unknown

Take care!
Stay safe!

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  1. Stay safe!! And I agree with you, no reason to just sit around, we need to keep our minds and bodies active!! 😊

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