A Gloomy Day In Isolation

March 29, 2020

Sunday’s Cell Phone Pictures

So I wasn’t able to get out and work in my garden like I had hoped. I went out and took pictures anyway! Glad I did…

I usually don’t have any trouble getting out and taking pictures. When it’s gloomy out it just takes a little more to get motivated.

It’s hardly noticeable that I’ve been in isolation for the most part since early March. I only listen to the news for a couple hours a day…the rest of the day I’m either outside or listening to music. There have been 1239 reported cases in Maryland, 24 cases in Frederick County, and 301 cases in Montgomery County (the highest in the state), 10 deaths overall in the state. CDC update at 10am this morning. The further west you go, the fewer cases there seem to be, with most of the cases centered around Washington, D.C. – about an hour away.

I am in self isolation due to asthma type allergies. I have had pneumonia eleven times in my life, bronchitis a handful of times and the flu once. No one is going anywhere, accept my boyfriend to the store and to go to the river to fish.

My neighbor let the goats out to roam for a while. They came over to say hi!


…the sun did come out, just in time for dinner!

Tomorrow is…

March 30
National Turkey Neck Soup Day
National Take a Walk In The Park Day
National Pencil Day
National Doctors Day
National I Am In Control Day
National Virtual Vacation Day

~ I will send you a handwritten note written by pencil from my virtual vacation spot!

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Strawberry Spiral Notebook featuring the photograph Strawberry by Holly Morris
a bright moon with a quote by Scott Stabile
Don’t worry if you’re making waves
simply by being yourself.
The moon does it all the time.
~ Scott Stable

Take care
Stay safe
Much love

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