mixed messages

April 3, 2020

In Black and White

Nothing is as it seems
in black and white
mixed messages

About the corona virus in the U.S. as of 4pm today (April 3), CDC reporting:

  • total cases (U.S.): 239,279
  • total deaths: (U.S.) 5,443
  • in Maryland:
    – 2,758 total cases (+427 in last 24 hours)
    – 42 deaths (+6 in last 24 hours)
    – negative test results: 20,932 (+2,042 in last 24 hours)
    – 664 hospitalizations (+82 in last 25 hours)
    – 159 released from isolation (+78 in last 24 hours)
    – highest affected county in Maryland: Montgomery county with 566 cases/ 9 deaths total
    – Frederick County has 54 cases/ 2 deaths total
    – Dorchester County only has one case and no deaths
    -most of the cases are centered around Washington D.C., the further away you get, the less cases you see, with the exception of Dorchester County
    -Washington D.C. has 653 cases (no other info available)
    – Delaware: 393 cases/14 deaths/71 recovered
    – West Virginia: 217 cases/ 2 deaths
    – Pennsylvania: 7016 cases (no other info available)
    – Virginia: 2012 cases/46 deaths
    – the U.S. gov should have made a statement today around 5pm EST, that they are recommending people to wear cloth masks to help prevent the spread of the corona virus/help you from getting it…I will update you on that, as I haven’t been listening to the news
    * no other info available, that I can find anyway, i know the states are reporting deaths/recoveries and such, it’s just not that easy (for me) to find.
Maryland County Map
map of Maryland with counties

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map of Maryland, with surrounding states
North: Pennsylvania
South West: West Virginia
South: Virginia
East: Delaware

Tomorrow is…

April 3
National Love Our Children Day
Jeep 4×4 Day
National Vitamin C Day
National Handmade Day
National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day
National Education and Sharing Day
National Walk Around Things Day
National Hug A Newsperson Day
(as long as you keep your distance…)
National School Librarian Day

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
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It’s OKAY to not be ok…
Some days are just harder than others!

“Always trust your feelings
even if others don’t agree.”
~ unknown

Take care
Stay safe
Much love

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