spring colors

April 7, 2020

Cell Phone Pics
Taken today
April 7, 2020

cascade of yellow

The plumber finally came today!! No more leaky faucet 🙂 Next, is replacing the bathroom sink faucets, but that’s something I can do…after I get this paid for. The hole is still in the wall, meaning I haven’t put the drywall back. We’re going to leave it as an access panel, so if/when the day comes that we need to get back in there, it’s relatively easy to get to.

Right now, I have a box fan in the closet, blowing air in…the floor, under the tub, is wet. We don’t think there’s a leak, just some access water from working on the plumbing. I’m using the box fan to dry it out and make sure there’s nothing else going on.

Today had been a good day!
The sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds,
with some raindrops falling to the ground
here and there.
How has your day been?

not sure what this flower is…

“To walk in nature
is to witness a thousand miracles.”
~ Mary Davis

Tomorrow is…

April 8, 2020
National All Is Ours Day
National Empanada Day
National Zoo Lovers Day


Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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There are countless modern remedies and medicines that are based on the continuous study and knowledge of the different plants and herbs used by wise Native Americans for thousands of years.
“When you come to know nature
is when you become one with our living world.”
~ Tony Ten Fingers
Wanbli Nata’u
Oglala Lakota

Take care
Stay safe
Much love

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