foggy morning

April 9, 2020

Picture of the Day

taken March 30, 2020
f-stop: f/9; exposure time: 1/160sec; ISO 3200
focal length 55mm

“When the spirit shines
even foggy skies
make pleasant light.”
~ Abraham Isaac Kook

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Hope you have a great day!
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and before I go… I was outside a few minutes ago and a opossum walked up to the bottom of the deck steps, acted like he was going to come up on the deck. “Hey!” and he was gone, down into the woods below the house. If only I had had my camera! Maybe he’ll come back tomorrow… did you know that opossums eat ticks? They are also rabies resistant! Good critters to have around!

also…I’m not going to be posting Amazon links for the time being…it’s still available on my site. It’s just been taking the joy out of what I do. No other reason…

Do not let life’s scars
define who you are…

Take care
Stay safe
Much love

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