strange times

April 10, 2020

Photo taken today
April 10, 2020
With my cell phone

This is one of the Tulip Poplars we have on the property. It has been extremely windy today in yesterday, and it has been trying to snow off and on all day. Very unusual for Maryland. At this time of year. It’s been cold, and we’ve had late freeze warnings where I have had to cover up my house plants at night (outside). I haven’t brought them outside yet because it really hasn’t warmed up enough yet. I usually have them out by now. The temperature outside is 48 degrees. With the windchill, it probably feels like it’s around 40. Supposed to get down into the 30’s tonight.

The corona virus deaths in Maryland are up, the new statistics are below.

Total cases in the U.S.: 459,165
Total deaths in U.S.: 16,570
Total cases in Maryland: 6,968, +783 in the last 24 hours
Total deaths in Maryland: 171, +33 in last 24 hours
Number of negative tests in Maryland: 37,480
Number of hospitalizations in Maryland: 1,413 ever hospitalized
Released from isolation: 397
Frederick County has: 289 cases and 9 deaths
Prince George’s County has the highest cases: 1,716 cases, 42 deaths
Somerset and Garrett have the fewest cases (4) and no deaths
Pennsylvania has 19,979 cases
West Virginia has 523 cases
Delaware has 1,209 cases
Virginia has 4,509 cases
Washington D.C. has 1,523 cases

Maryland County Map | Maryland Counties

I am still self isolating. Haven’t been anywhere – except on my property – in about a week. So glad I have 3+ acres, otherwise I might be going stir crazy right now. Soon enough, my son and I are going to go hiking. I feel for everyone that only has an apartment, condo, small lot. I couldn’t do it!

As many of you are aware, I had an opossum/possum visit last night. I had seen him – or her – that morning. We could hear something messing around under the grill. My boyfriend grabbed a flashlight from inside, and sure enough it was a opossum. I’ve had raccoons come up on the deck going after trash we had set out, but never an opossum.

My son is in training… learning how to fall up stairs. Gonna take after his mother (me). I have done it way too many times to count. I guess you’d really say trip going up the steps, but hey… I once fell going up the stairs at Shepherd University. Luckily, it was summertime and no one was really around.

There’s is much more, but I’m sure I’ve bored you enough!

Tomorrow is…

April 11
National Cheese Fondue Day
National Submarine Day
National Barber Shop Quartet Day
National Eight Track Tape Day
National Day of Silence
National Pet Day

“Strange world isn’t it?”
~ Stephanie Meyer

“people are strange”
~ Jim Morrison

“I, myself,
am strange
and unusual”
~ unknown

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