blue lines

April 11, 2020

Picture of the Week

“Doubt kills more dreams
than failure ever will.”
~ Karim Seddiki

the original (below) . . .

taken April 6, 2020
f-stop: f/9; exposure time: 1/250sec; ISO 100
focal length 32mm

I was experimenting here…I walked down to the mail box – a half mile walk down and back – with my camera in hand and saw this hole in the fence. The blurry lines you see on either side of the tree are out of focus weeds on the other side of the fence. I could take them out, but for now, for this purpose, it’s ok. I just had to see if what I thought/saw in my head could possible work. I think it did! What do you think?

“Be brave and take risks
You don’t have to have it all figured out
To move forward.”
~ Roy Bennet

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Sending a Little Love From My House to Yours - Snoopy Leaning on His Doghouse With Woodstock Sitting on Top
sending a little love
from my house to yours

Take care
Stay safe
Much love

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