smiles are contagious

April 12, 2020

The city is like a ghost town…hardly anyone out! We went to Wal-Mart and got some necessities, PetCo to get my cat some of his special food. No one has any Lysol spray or wipes. I guess I’ll have to get a recipe to make my own, in which case, I should’ve probably gotten another spray bottle. All of mine (2) have vinegar water in them, to be used to clean up after the cat when he decides his litter box isn’t clean enough. Or when he decides he’s just to jealous of my boyfriend and decides to pee on his clothes. Which, thank goodness, he hasn’t done in a while.

My boyfriend and I were dressed to the nines, meaning we were wearing bandanas, medical gloves and were pretty much covered from head to toe. I just forgot to grab my sunglasses, to help protect my eyes. Sigh…next time! Did you know that they are suggesting glasses now?

The special food for my cat? It’s a urinary tract cat food (wet), to help him from getting any UTI’s or blockages. I ordered some from Amazon, but it hasn’t gotten here yet. This morning he had to go without the special food, but will get some this evening!

Cell phone pics

Easter Morning Sunrise

I know the picture is crooked, but that’s the way it is! Behind the tree line is I-70. But you wouldn’t know it right now. Traffic, since the lock down, or what ever you want to call it, has been very light. It’s surprising that there is as much traffic as there is, but some people do have to work.

…could be better

Morning Glory under neath one of my Azaleas.

there used to be a pool there
the new pool is going up in its place
probably this weekend

Today is National Twelves Day… a day to celebrate all things twelve!


12 things to always remember

  1. The past can’t be changed.
  2. Opinions don’t define your reality.
  3. everyone’s journey is different.
  4. Judgements are not about you.
  5. Overthinking will lead to sadness.
  6. Happiness is found within.
  7. Your thoughts affect your mood.
  8. Smile are contagious.
  9. Kindness is free.
  10. It’s ok to let go and move on.
  11. What goes around, comes around.
  12. Things always get better with time
    ~ TheMindsJournal

Tomorrow is…

April 13
National Scrabble Day
National Thomas Jefferson Day
National Make Lunch Count Day
National Peach Cobbler Day

“Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do.”
~ Rumi

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Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Sometimes I question my sanity
but the unicorn and gummy bears
bears told me I’m Fine

Take care
Stay safe
Much love

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