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April 13, 2020

cell phone photos on a rainy, stormy day

We’ve had strong winds and rain all throughout the day. But nothing like what they – the forecasters – said we were going to get. I’m sure some areas are getting the 50-60+ MPH winds, but we’re definitely not. Maybe later… the day’s not over yet.

So I went out earlier this morning and took some photos before it got too bad.

In the photo below, there are supposed to be mountains in the background. Well, they’re still there as far as I know, they just can’t be seen because of the clouds…

I was going to show you a comparison, but all I can find at the moment are other foggy day photos…so another day! There’s something to say about that…moody! Another day….

the same field, just from a different viewpoint, and heavier, thicker clouds.

you can kinda see the start of a mountain ridge in the photo with mini donkey in it…

different views of the same tree…makes me think I should do something! And just a little history, this tree, I have been told by my parents has a horse buried under it. The farmer had two plow horses – Amy and Jerry. Amy, I think is the one that is buried under the tree. The farmer still plowed his fields by horse up unto the late seventies. Jerry was still alive when I was born. I’ll have to find the photos.

My white dogwood…

My pink dogwood…

the dogwoods are very vibrant this year…

I took pics of my dogwoods just in case the winds took the blooms. But like I stated earlier, we didn’t get the winds they were predicting. And obviously, the day’s not over yet…

reflections in a puddle…

“It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees.”
~ George Elliot

In my post, Rider in the green sky, I was going to tell you what exactly it was, but I figured I’d leave it be. Well, now I’m telling you, it’s a shadow. In the rafters I have a push broom hanging that has tape wrapped around it. The shadow-figure is the result of this…

On the deck I have a green light – it’s not super bright and doesn’t attract too many bugs. I was also going to turn it 180 degrees, but figured against it.

“Life is but a walking shadow.”
~ William Shakespeare

Tomorrow is…

April 14
National Dolphin Day
National Pecan Day
National Look Up At The Sky Day
National Pan American Day
National Gardening Day
National Reach As High as You Can Day
National Ex Spouse Day

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“The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.
The tunnel is.”

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