a pleasant day

April 14, 2020

cell phone photos

apple blossoms

A simple, but pleasant day…no storms, no snow! Just pleasant sunshine and a soft breeze. It is a bit cool, and we do have the wood stove going. My indoor/outdoor thermometer says it is 60 right now…really not too bad, for April.

For those who don’t know, my furnace broke down last winter. We had just had the wood stove installed! I’m still paying for the wood stove, or I would have had it replaced by now.I guess you could say the furnace died…the whole system needs to be replaced and it is as old as the hills. That means it is as old as the house, built in 1986. I had a company come out to take a look at it last winter and you should have heard the guys boss when he was told how old the thing was… “Holy *&^%!” I could hear him through the phone and I asked if that meant I could get a discount…yeah, no!

My boyfriend did tell me that there could be snowflakes blowing around tomorrow morning! Has the world turned upside down?!? Just kidding… In all reality, I guess it’s not that uncommon to get snow this late into April, but it is unusual. I don’t ever remember getting snow this late, not in my lifetime!

There was a time, when I was young – say up til I was about 7 or so – that we would get our first freeze in early September. But, now, we usually don’t get the first freeze until late November or early December. Maybe things are changing… with less pollution right now, this could be a possibility! Sometime, I’ll share with you what Maryland used to look like way back when. But for now, for time’s sake, I’ll just say this area looked like New England does now, about 500 years or so ago. We used to have wolves roaming the area…not anymore. Not for a long time.


Tomorrow is…

April 15
National Glazed Spiral Ham Day
National Rubber Eraser Day
National Take A Wild Guess Day
National Tax Day
National Titanic Remembrance Day

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  1. Great post! It’s great to hear about your life in Maryland. And the cell phones pics were beautiful. I miss my Canon, but my phone works the best my eye can! Glad you have the wood stove. We’ve been below freezing here in MO several mornings. Stay safe! God bless you!

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