My Name is Max: some Pics

April 15, 2020

Today I’m going to show you some pics from the 1980’s. I was going to tell you about the new addition, my dad firing the contractor (and thus, finishing the job himself) and the white rabbit we found. But, I can’t find the photos that go with the story… so I’m improvising!

Just something quick about the rabbit…we woke up one morning, the new addition wasn’t finished yet, and found a white rabbit in the hole, alongside the foundation. My dad went down and brought the rabbit out. My mom went out to get rabbit food and such…while she was out, I had an asthma attack. We didn’t know at the time that I was severely allergic. My dad started dumping all the medicine he could into me. This was before cell phones and all the new modern technology… When my mom got home, she called the doctor’s…I had to go in and get a breathing treatment. I actually got two, but I wanted more. This started the process of allergy testing. Apparently, I survived!

And now, without further adu…some pics. I just pulled them off the external hard drive, so they do need a little work.

Hope you enjoy!

all the pictures are from the 1980’s, to the best of my knowledge…

another view of the farmhouse… it had two cellars. The front cellar, the green outcropping underneath the second story window, is where the original coal furnace was. It was never taken out. The indoor/outdoor bathroom is to the rear, with the upstairs bathroom above it. I had forgotten about this until now, but there was a walk-in closet in the upstairs bathroom…if you look at the two windows on the second floor, the bathroom is to the right, the closet to the left. The second cellar was below the bathrooms and is where my dad made wine. My bedroom was on the second floor, above the outcropping/cellar door.

The house originally had a front porch, the people that owned the house before us enclosed it.

my dad…

clockwise from left: my dad and his brothers – Larry and Kieth – celebrating Christmas at my grandmother’s house. My sister is beside my dad. My dad in the unfinished “green” room. I still have the ice chest… My dad mowing around the pine trees. The pine trees were cut down a few years ago. I was sad, but they had to come down…they were old and growing into the electric wires…

lunch break

fishing at Cape Hatteras…

dad with me as a baby, dad pulling my hair at Cape Hatteras, and with me and my sister

top picture: a deep snow we got one year. There’s a chicken coop on the right, dog pen, and the farmhouse in the background. On the left is the smoke house and the summer kitchen. Behind the summer kitchen and smoke house is where we had a vegetable garden.
bottom picture: our camper, which is now used for storage, grape vines, where the grapes for the wine came from, above the camper you can barely see the roof of the neighbors barn. The trolley that ran from Frederick up to Braddock Heights ran along the power lines. We have found a bunch of railroad spikes on the old property and on the property we own now.

Not the best, but…in the background is the farmhouse. I am walking up the lane, pulling the sled…the lane to the house we live in now went behind the old property and up the hill. It doesn’t run the same way any more, going through where the front room was. The electrical lines you can barely see are kind of the where our property line ends now, with the Jehovah Witness’ Kingdom Hall pretty much where the camper is in the photo.

Remember the white rabbit I told you about? It was found along the back wall of the new addition, which you can see in this photo. This photo was taken four years before we moved here. I’ll go into more detail about the new addition soon. But it was our main living quarters… my parents bedroom window can be seen, above the roof line of the new addition. My sisters bedroom would be towards the front.

Well, that’s about all I have for now.
Hope you have a great day!
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