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April 16, 2020

My boyfriend started cleaning out underneath the play house/storage shed today…I helped a little, putting stuff aside I knew I didn’t want to get rid of. I’ll show you the play house sometime soon, once I feel that it is ok to do so! It used to be a play house, when the house first built in 1986. We actually used to play and hang out with their kids who were about the same age. When we moved in, my dad eventually turned it into a storage shed, once we outgrew it.

There was so much junk… but is it really?

I have no clue…It has groves in it – which you can barely see in the photo. It attached to something, but what? What was it used for?

Dover Sad Iron

“Why is a sad iron called a sad iron?They are called sad irons because “sad” is an obsolete term meaning heavy and solid. … Lucky was the bride who scored more than one sad iron, so she could keep one or more irons on her open fire or wood-burning stove while she used another iron to press the family’s clothes.” (Chicago Tribune, 1996) How old is it…” Invented in 1870, or somewhere there abouts, from what I can tell.

I have two decorative ones, I use for door stops.

Not sure what this is, or was. But it’s neat looking and I will probably put it in one of my gardens

Kentucky Club
Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco
For Pipe Lover’s
Advertised in Life
1 5/8 oz
Union Made

On the back… “White Burley – recognized as a better tobacco since 1867 – makes Kentucky Club the smooth, mild, satisfying pipe smoking brand with the grand aroma. The aroma that you, and the family too, will enjoy. Kentucky Club’s White Burley blend never tires your taste. It’s delightful flavor, enjoyable taste, satisfying mildness, and grand aroma give you the greatest enjoyment in pipe smoking.”

“Manufactured by: The Bloch Bros. Tobacco Company Wheeling, West Virginia” Has the CANCO stamp on it, not sure what that means. I’ll probably do some more research on this in the near future…

It needs a good cleaning… I think it’s some type of really old game. Really old…

a pretty box

There is so much more I could show you, but it will have to wait…

My dad kept everything! Or almost everything! I found clipboards and notebooks with doodles, to do lists, blueprints for something.

I knew all this stuff was out there, kinda, but I’m still a little overwhelmed. My boyfriend gave me a look when I said I wanted to save an old bicycle wheel…put it in one of my gardens. But, he put it back…

Tomorrow is…

April 17
International Bat Appreciation Day
National Cheeseball Day
National Ellis Island Family History Day
National Haiku Poetry Day
National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day
National Crawfish Day

Thriftventure: (noun) – an exciting treasure hunt
and I don’t even have to go anywhere!

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I hope things make a little more sense now!

Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!


“I love older things that people have used and cherished.
They have personality, character, and soul.”
~ Anna Hillegass

take care
stay safe
much love

13 Comments on “one man’s trash

  1. Great quote at the bottom. What a fascinating adventure to go through all that old stuff. I would enjoy doing that! And thanks for sharing some of the words and descriptions. Interesting…

    • Thank you!
      It really was fun…if I had known my boyfriend was going to do that, I would’ve gone out earlier… at least he knows better than throw anything away that I might have use for, or could be worth some money.

      • Ugh I’m so sorry Holly. That was an outburst. It didn’t make sense, what I said. I really really really need to not yell at friends or people close to me, including you, and I need to not be stupid even if it’s really really hard at times etc. etc.

        Basically just apologizing and answering your question: I have no idea.

      • Actually, you’re comment prompted me go back and check my posts and correct some mistakes I made. So, in a way, I should be thanking you

  2. I believe the first item is part of an old tap and die set. It would have been used to put threads on a piece of metal bar stock. Great fun seeing all the old finds.

    • Thank you! I will have to look it up! I had a feeling someone out there might know what some of this stuff is. It was fun going through the stuff!
      Thanks again! Glad you enjoyed!

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