monkey face

April 19, 2020

I totally forgot about these plants! I’m supposed to have them upstairs no later than mid-March. They’re some kinda Begonia that gets a real pretty purple flower.

and as you can see, they’ve already started sprouting! But that’s ok. I just have to keep an eye on the long spindly ones. With this corona virus, lock down and everything else that’s going on…they slipped my mind!

My dad always called them “monkey face” because the flowers look like a monkey face! I guess I could call them “monkey face begonia’s”.

And yes, I still have the battery charger up here. It’ll go back downstairs, on a block of wood, once I know I won’t need it again for awhile.

Achimenes Mexicana: Purple-blue funnel-shaped blooms with white throats liberally decorate the gently cascading foliage of Mexicana. This achimenes is a favorite for quantity of bloom and good, rich blossom color. An excellent partner for white tuberous begonias. Bright, indirect light or dappled shade Hardiness: Zone 10, happiest in 50 degrees + H 10-12”, trailing form Bloom Season: Late spring through autumn
this is kinda what they look like when they bloom
mine are prettier

Kalimba says hi!

One of his favorite spots! “One of” because he keeps moving his “spot”…right now he’s back sleeping on the guest bed. The one that doesn’t have a mattress – my son has it. Before that it was the couch in my son’s room, and before that? Was the library! The spot in the photo is in the basement, in the storage area. I have a bunch of camping stuff there, including blankets and such.

Tomorrow is…

April 20
National Cheddar Fries Day
National Lima Bean Respect Day
National Look Alike Day
National Pineapple Upside Down Cake

  • here soon I won’t be doing the “National Day Tomorrow”…it will be a year since I’ve been sharing this, so all I will be doing is repeating myself. But don’t worry, I will be replacing it was “today’s fact”!

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Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!! / Фото #1 - Волки - mornela
reminds me of a puzzle I’m working on…kind of!

take care
stay safe
much love

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