coping in the garden

April 20, 2020

most of the photos were taken today with my cell phone
just thought I’d actually share how we’re dealing with all this

I’m seriously thinking of starting a vegetable garden… all of this news of food shortages is getting to me. Not only the food shortages, but the news of farmers dumping milk, plowing over fields…it’s heartbreaking. Not really sure if it’s happening here in MD, but I know it’s an issue. Maybe all I need to really do is stop paying attention to FaceBook…but it’s good to have eyes wide open, rather than shut and be hit broadside!

I know part of the problem is coming from only allowing people to buy so much at a time. We haven’t bought any veggies since all this started, so I don’t know for sure. We didn’t do any panic buying, but bought enough to last us a while, which is normal for us … I really need to find some local farmers markets around here. Actually, I know of one in Myersville and down outside of Buckeystown. So all I really need to do is pay attention.

I know at Wal-Mart it’s rare to find the big containers of ice cream anymore. But that’s been happening for a while. Might have to start making my own ice cream as well…if I can find the ingredients. I have an old fashioned ice cream maker around here somewhere…

deep breath…sigh

My boyfriend says it’s not going to get that bad. How does he know? Two of my neighbors have already started their own gardens. And they never had gardens before… my farmer neighbor, they lease the land out to other farmers. This year it looks like they’re growing wheat. They have a bunch of animals…cows, goats, horses, cats, a mini donkey, mini pony, and now a small family garden.

I do have tomato and zucchini squash seeds started. That’s a start…but I think we need an actual garden.
What else am I growing? Purple grapes, blueberries, wild black berries and raspberries, strawberries, crab apples (they can be eaten, but they have to be roasted)

and tons of flowers…these photos of Azaleas only come from one bush. I have…too many to count! You’ve seen the photos of them lining the driveway…I’ve included a photo at the end, just in case you forgot. Did you know you can eat the root of the Yucca plant? It’s supposedly a lot like potatoes.

I do honestly believe we’re not given anything we can’t handle, it might be hard, but we will come out the other side stronger. The best part is my parents taught me to be self sufficient, so I know I can do it. My boyfriend, on the other hand, has never worked a garden. To my knowledge anyway. He helped his grandparents with their garden, but that is totally different. He keeps mowing down my flowers! What’s he gonna do to the veggie garden? Honestly, he has gotten better this year, but he’s only mowed once! So we will see.

Bleeding Heart

I am very impressed with my Bleeding Hearts this year… they’re much prettier and showier this year. I’ve had them for five years now, I guess.

vinca flower

The odd one out…sorry to show you so much pink, only to surprise you with a little bit of purple! That’s the way it goes around here…

about the vinca flower…they love full sun, but where they are planted in one of my gardens, they only get a few hours of afternoon sun. When they’re done blooming I will be moving them out front.
– they are considered a ground cover
– it’s a cousin of the Madagascar periwinkle
– introduced to American greenthumbs in the 1700’s
– native of the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and northern Africa
– in Catholicism, known as the “Virgin flower”, often associated with the Virgin Mary

“Never yet
was a springtime
when flowers forgot
to bloom”
~ Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

and that my friends, is how I’m dealing with the pandemic. Tv off, music on, out in my gardens, taking pics…
and of course, blogging, twitter, keeping in touch with everyone…

taken earlier this spring
before blooming
a new photo will be coming soon

“I like gardening
it’s a place where I find myself
when I need to lose myself”
~ Alice Sebold

Tomorrow is…

April 21
National Library Workers day
National Kindergarten Day
National Yellow Bat Day
National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day

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a katydid with choose hope quote
“Once you choose hope
anything’s possible.”
~ Christopher Reeve

hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Is Gonna
Be Alright

take care
stay safe
much love

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      • Way to go! I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume it wasn’t a problem for you. I’ll probably end up going to AA once this health insurance representative calls me back about it. Hmmmmmm.

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