artsy flowers

April 23, 2020

Enjoy the Journey

tomorrow is…

April 24
National Pigs In A Blanket Day
National Hairball Awareness Day
National Teach Children To Save Day
National Arbor Day

to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link/photo below…


Abstract Throw Pillow featuring the photograph Another World by Holly Morris
other styles/options available
the Chesapeake Bay with barges and sailboats
Chesapeake Bay

hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
thanks for stopping by!!

“Believe what echos in your soul”
~ by Soul Wolf

take care
stay safe
much love

2 Comments on “artsy flowers

  1. 🙂 I always found the sight of a blue sky and boats in a calm-looking sea, soothing to look at.

    Thank you for posting these lovely pictures.

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