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April 26, 2020

cell phone pics
taken today

I really should have taken a photo of the sunrise this morning, even if I had taken it through the trees…it was really pretty. But shortly after the sun rose, the fog came down. The fog burned off by early afternoon.

It was a…

red sky in morning
sailors take warning

It’s really been a lazy day… but I did get out and enjoy some sunshine this afternoon! I usually let my Canon rest on Saturday’s, but the steer got lose again today…and by the time I got my camera – not my cell phone – it had turned its rear end to me, and sorry, I’m not taking a photo of a cow’s rear end!

It’s supposed to start raining – again – tonight! I believe it’s supposed to rain through tomorrow, but around here, who knows. They’ll call for thunderstorms, but they go around us. I believe the mountains break them up!

Azalea flowers… from two different bushes. One (top) in front of the house, the other (bottom) alongside the driveway. I still haven’t counted to see how many bushes we have!

I know I have been posting the “corona virus” updates on Friday, but this week is today – Saturday. I don’t know why I didn’t post it last night, but it is what it is.

So, based on the data, as of 4pm yesterday (Friday), these are the latest numbers:

Confirmed cases (world): 2.87million (google) (+696568)
Confirmed deaths (world): 202,000 deaths (google) (+54663)
Confirmed cases in US: 895,766 (+263,218)
Confirmed deaths in US: 50,439 (+19368)
Confirmed cases in MD:17,766 ; +1,150 last 24 hours; (+6982)
Confirmed deaths in MD: 797; +74 last 24 hours; (+405)
County with highest cases: Prince George’s County: 4795 cases with 162 deaths (+ 2073)
County with lowest cases: Garrett County: 4 cases 0 deaths (same as last week)
Frederick County confirmed cases: 814 with 39 deaths (+314/+17)
Pennsylvania reporting 38652 cases (+12162)
West Virginia reporting 1010 cases (+292)
Virginia reporting 12366 cases (+5477)
Washington D.C. reporting 3528 cases (+1331)
Delaware reporting 3442 cases (+1428)

(+####)= difference from last week, it might seem like a big difference, just remember there’s eight days since my last count. And, I’m going to add this, my own personal opinion… I think there’s a lot more going on here than a pandemic. I know the social distancing has helped keep the numbers here in the US down, but something doesn’t add up. People here are really starting to get upset with the government. I’m just going to leave it at that for now, don’t know if I’ll do this coronavirus count again next week. I guess I’ll see what/how things go over the next week.

Tomorrow is…

April 26
National Audobon Day
National Pretzel Day
National Richter Scale Day
National Pet Parents Day
National South South Dakota
National Kids and Pets Day
National Dissertation Day

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