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April 26, 2020

An image of an old school house in Old Bedford Village in Pennsylvania

I actually have one of the school desks in my living room. I use it as an end table, it needs to be on blocks to level it out, but I love it! Unfortunately, I don’t have a pot bellied stove or and old chalk board.

Notice the two hoops in the front of the class room? Kids used to – way back when – play a game of hoop rolling, in Roman days there was a sport where soldiers tried to throw a spear through the hoop…

Pioneer Games | Pioneer games, Pioneer trek, Pioneer day activities
not my image

“She’s an old school spirit
with young eyes
a vintage heart
and a beautiful mind.”
~ Nicole Lyons

Keep it old school

Old Fashioned Phrases From My Youth
Old roads
old dogs
old folks
and old ways
still have a lot to offer
in this sped-up world we all
live in.
(not my image)

Let the good times roll

Today in History: (April 26) 1278 – Imprisoned for murder, John le F*cker sent a letter asking for bail, the earliest recorded instance of the English swear word “f*ck”.

Tomorrow is…

April 27
National Babe Ruth Day
National Prime Rib Day
National Tell A Story Day
National Devil Dog Day

and now you know everything that is important to know today 🙂

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Nature Coffee Mug featuring the photograph White Peony Flower by Holly Morris
other styles/options available
three ponies standing over a resting pony on Assateaque Island
don’t worry, the pony’s only resting
a wasp on a flower with Robert G. Ingersoll quote
is the only bee
that makes honey
without flowers
~ Robert G. Ingersoll

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
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Some people want a big house
a fast car
and lots of money.
Others just want a small cabin
in the woods away from
those kinds of people.
~ pinterest ~

take care
stay safe
much love

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