my name is Max: Disney world and Patches

April 29, 2020

1984…Walt Disney World, Florida
my sister and me

One year, I don’t remember exactly when, but I had pneumonia three times. Mom would take me to the doctors with a cough, they would tell her I had a cold and send us home. By that evening I had pneumonia…the forth time, my mom insisted we see a different doctor. I only had bronchitis, and the doctor suggested we get to a warmer climate. When we got home she got on the phone with her cousin and the airlines…then she called dad at work. We were headed to Florida! He said there was no way he could get off in that short notice. So she called the airline and canceled his seat…dad ended up being able to get off. Within a couple days, we were in Florida.

My sister ended up with tonsillitis! We had gone to Florida so I could get better and get allergy tests going when we get back, she ends up sick!

Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes!

I believe it was in 1987 or 88 that we got Patches
me on Patches, and my dad

He – Patches – was a Christmas present that year. How my parents kept him secret I have no idea. He came to the house a day or two before, even escaping his enclosure once. On Christmas morning, after opening our presents, mom told us to put our coats on…”there’s one more present outside”. Dad had already gone out to bring him up to the house, using the excuse of needing to get firewood, or something. We walk outside, I take one look at Patches and ask when he has to go back. I knew him, had ridden him before. He was really my pony, but, of course, not really. I was the rider.

As it turned out, within a year he did go back, he got really mean.

  • I’ve got more pics, but I have a feeling that I’m going to have to go through photo albums which is going to be a chore. There might be something in the slides! When I find more, I’ll be sure to share! I have pics somewhere of dad with us at Disney world, for example… and since this is really his story, I feel that he should at least be in the photos!

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