All Things Seem Possible In May

May 3, 2020

on a lazy Sunday
through cell phone pictures

“Rough winds
do shake
the darling buds
of may.”
~ William Shakespeare

Did I ever tell you that William Shakespeare was supposedly infatuated with an ancestor of mine? The story goes that he proposed to her but she turned him down. If she hadn’t have married my great great great something grandfather, I may never have been born. Or at least not who I am today! I don’t know how true this story is but I find it interesting. And plausible…

And besides the point…

I’ve started moving some of my house plants outside. I think it’s safe now!

In the picture above, is a spider plant, hanging from some “thing” that we found while cleaning out the playhouse. I have no idea what it is, but it looks like some kind of rotating device – or something. My boyfriend got the fire wood off the deck, so now I can safely hang more plants on the deck. Not all of them go out in the yard, but most do, or on a shelf on the deck. You’ll see. Only ones that are too delicate to out out in the weather stay on the deck.

This is a close up image of it. Maybe you know what it is? And what is was used for?

some of my many plants I have planted or transplanted through out the years (below)…

going in (above)…

In the photo above there are Yuccas, Hollys, Crepe Myrtles, some kind of Sage (tree with white blooms), Azaleas, Maple trees, cedar (left), Peonies, and pine trees (right), and two dead Black Gum trees we’re trying to figure out how to get down, or fall – which is the correct term.

If the sun had been out when I watered the Rose of Sharon transplant from yesterday, everything would look more vibrant. But, it is what it is!

Rose of Sharon transplant from yesterday

going out…

I know it’s not in focus…
the main point is all the color

my money plant going to seed…

plan on putting some of its seeds in the garden alongside the deck, alongside the Bleeding Hearts. Where they are now, my boyfriend keeps smashing them with the hose. I hope they’re safe enough there. They don’t like a lot of sun, so I have to be careful where I put them.

You know, I just realized I haven’t listened to the news at all today! Feels kinda nice!

Tomorrow is…

May 4
National Orange juice Day
National Melanoma Day
National Bird Day
National Candied Orange Peel Day
National Renewal Day
National Star Wars Day
National Weather Observers Day

today in 1945, Holland German Troops Surrender: German forces in Holland and Denmark surrender to British Troops.

tomorrow (May 4) in 1294 John II becomes Duke of Brabant and Limburg

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image of a ladybug with always believe quote
Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
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Sunshine and blue skies and springtime bouquets,-- Light hearts and laughter and bright, happy days... Dogwoods are blooming young hatchlings appear May is such a lovely time of the year.


sunshine and blue skies
and springtime bouquets
light hearts and laughter
and bright, happy days
Dogwoods are blooming
young hatchlings appear

May is such a lovely
time of year

take care
stay safe
much love

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