Potomac River Road trip

May 4, 2020

my thoughts for today

This morning, my boyfriend and I drove down to another area of the Potomac River – The Catoctin Aqueduct. The water was way high and very swift. No fishing for a while 🙁

We’ll survive!

So below I’ve included some cell phone pics that I took today.

Hope you enjoy!

The Beautiful Aqueduct

“The Catoctin Aqueduct, or “Aqueduct No. 3#, ranks as one of the premiere stone structures on the C&O Canal. Aqueducts carried the canal’s waters over creeks and rivers, allowing boats to float safely above the sometimes turbulent waters below. Engineers built the aqueduct for navigation, but it is obvious they also wanted to create an elegant landmark.” Chesapeake and Ohio National Historic Park

I wasn’t going to include this photo, but it explains what an aqueduct is much better than I ever could. Plus, my shadow adds a certain element to it.

A demonstration on how the aqueduct worked. To the right are railroad tracks.

The C&O Canal foot path

C&O stands for Chesapeake and Ohio. The canal was supposed to run from Washington D.C. to Ohio, but they ran out of money and the project was abandoned. The got as far as Cumberland…

a path to the creek bed

down to the river

I didn’t realize that photoshop (on my cell phone) had stamped my photos until now…too late now!

the Potomac River

Normally, we would’ve been able to drive down to this spot. Someone, last night, drove into the gate and it couldn’t be opened this morning. Also, it was extremely muddy here. On the foot path and along the aqueduct, which goes over Catoctin Creek, wasn’t hardly muddy at all. I am glad I wore my boots – my boyfriend didn’t.

I imagine under “normal” conditions, the water isn’t so high. I’ve never been to this spot, so I don’t have anything to compare it with.

looking towards Harpers’ Ferry

If I cropped the image some more, you could probably see the town. I do have another photo that it might show up better in.

looking towards Point of Rocks/Knoxville

Do you see the island? Off to the right? I believe at one point, a long time ago (before the Civil War?), people used to live on the island. It kept flooding, so they had to move away.

“Catoctin Creek is a 27.9-mile-long (44.9 km) tributary of the Potomac River in Frederick County, Maryland, USA. Its source is formed in the Myersville, Maryland area and flows directly south for the entire length of the stream. Catoctin Creek enters the Potomac River east of Brunswick. The stream flows through Catoctin Creek Park.” (wikipedia) I’ve included a link on the map, so if you want to enlarge it, just click on it.

Tomorrow is May 5

National Cartoonist Day
Cinco de Mayo
National Foster Care Day
National Teacher Appreciation Day
National Hoagie Day
(I’m Starved!!)
National Totally Chipotle Day
National Astronaut Day
National Silence the Shame Day

On May 5, in 1945 – Japanese Bomb Kills in US: A Japanese balloon bomb explodes at Mitchell Recreation Area on Gearhart Mountain in Oregon, killing the pregnant wife of a minister and five children. This is the only recorded instants of deaths caused by Japanese Bombs on the American mainland in World War II. (thepeoplehistory.com)

I’ve got more photos to share, but they will have to wait until a later date.

for what ever reason, this morning when I posted Wash Away The Rain, it posted for earlier this morning. So, if you missed it and would like to read it, click on the above link.

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