The Ghost Of A. B. Nebb

May 5, 2020

Legends of Frederick County, Maryland

This story comes from the book Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County by Timothy L. Cannon and Nancy F. Whitmore. I had forgotten about this book, and just found it today.

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“In the early summer of 1970, a young couple and their two small children moved into an old, two story house near the Frederick Fairgrounds.”

One day, shortly after moving into their new house, the wife was hanging curtains in the children’s bedroom when she heard footsteps and “Hi honey,” coming from the doorway. Expecting her husband when she turned to look, she saw no one.

Other strange occurrences were soon to follow.

When they would return from trips, they would find furniture moved, locked doors would open by themselves, and they often heard voices coming from empty rooms and phantom footsteps on the stairs. Paperboys were frightened, guests were often by loud crashes and what sounded like heavy objects rolling overhead. Babysitters rarely ever came back after one night.

The family felt for sure that their house was haunted, but decided they weren’t going to let the ghost(s) run them off. They continued remodeling the house and doing yard work. they were unaware that the worst was yet to come.

One evening, while the wife/mother was fixing dinner, she heard a deep moaning coming from beneath her. She thought her husband had been injured. She rushed downstairs and found her husband sitting at the desk. He was just sitting there rigid, staring straight ahead. They looked at each other, chills running up their spines.

Later that night, the whole family was awakened by a loud, crashing noise. It sounded like their pet dog was being repeatedly thrown against the back door. The dog almost immediately started howling. by the time they got to her, the crashing noise had stopped, the dog laying on the floor, shaking and scared by the door.

The young wife was awakened several weeks later by what sounded like a child sobbing. She went and checked on the boys’ bedroom and found them fast asleep. She started back to her bedroom, thinking it was just a dream, when she heard a noise coming from the end of the hall. At the end of the hall was a bathroom, the lights were off, the door closed. When she opened the door and turned on the light, she was startled to find a middle aged man standing in the middle of the room. He had dark curly hair, was dressed in coveralls and boots. He looked directly at her and said “Stop the digging: leave my family alone!” and vanished.

She tried using an Ouiji board, out of desperation, to try and contact who ever it was that was disrupting their lives. She convinced a neighbor to help her.

The board told of a man named A. B. Nebb who had lived in an old shack nearby, with his wife and a small child, sometime in the last century (1800’s0. His wife and child had died during an epidemic. He died a few years later. Every day he was alive, he would stop by the graves. According to the board, A. B. Nebb still visits the graves and haunts anyone that disturbs them.

They soon realized that whenever they did any work in one section of the yard, the hauntings and noises would start up. They moved the garden to another section of the yard. Most of the ghostly activity stopped.

They still don’t know if anyone is buried in the backyard.

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Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick • Downtown Frederick Partnership
Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick

You know, I’ve never been on a tour? I guess one of these days, I’m going to have to!

Sorry this is later than normal, we had a wild turkey in the backyard! My boyfriend got really excited, I had to take a photo!

5 Comments on “The Ghost Of A. B. Nebb

    • I’ll have to tell about the ghost we had in the farmhouse I grew up in…things would disappear and reappear somewhere else, a curtain my mom had hanging at the bottom of the steps would move when there was no breeze. She said she saw a little girl once, maybe more…a little girl died of pneumonia in the house in the early 1900’s.

      • Yes similar experiences. My dad used to talk to someone in our attic. Furniture would move and I could hear the scraping sounds. Blankets would leave my bed and be folded up in the hallway. Stuff like that.
        Sometimes I thought I was making things move. 😁 who knows.

      • My sister had an imaginary friend, I sometimes wander if the friend wasn’t the little girl.

      • That would cross my mind too. My father talked to someone in the attic (he was a drinker so we didn’t believe him). But he said this person lived in our house with us.

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