a hiding spot

May 6, 2020

When we first got Kalimba
he would hide in the strangest spots
in the entertainment center
under a blanket
with only his feet peeking out
he would hide in the strangest spots

when we first got Kalimba
~ HCMorris

Some other photos of my cat…

He used to get up high
not so much any more
only a sampling
of the years
we’ve shared
and he used to climb
so high

My sister wouldn’t recognize him
she would say
“He’s not the same cat!”
much more tame
much more tolerable

It’s true
He’s not the same cat!
He is loved
~ HCMorris

I’m thinking of doing a calendar of Kalimba, once I have a year’s worth of photos.
Most of the photos were taken with my cell phone. Some – not many – taken with my one of my Canon digital cameras.

I’ll be doing my dad’s story (My Name Is Max:) later, I just need to get my thoughts in order as I’m not sure which part of the story to share. Get some things off my brain…nothing bad. My mind’s just swirling with thoughts and I can’t really concentrate.

Once my mind is clear, and things are in proper order, I will do his story.

Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!

close up of tuxedo cat with words Tuxedo, Bring It On, Words, Cats, Animals, Gatos, Animais, Animales, Kitty Cats
the time is come
to bring out the catnip

take care
stay safe
much love

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