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May 7, 2020

cell phone photos taken today…

The wren has come back
to make her nest
in my strawberry planter

normally I would take the bedding out
to discourage such a home
but the weather
is such
that I just can’t

the wind has been blowing
knocking things to and fro
and dismantling
delicate flowers
such as the Azalea

and a wrinkle in time
this flower leaf does show
giving it texture

like no other

and the cat morphs
into an alien

that does not
want his
picture taken

~ HCMorris ~

tomorrow is…

May 8
National Space Day
National Coconut Cream Pie Day
National Have a Coke Day
National Student Nurse Day
School Lunch Hero Day
National Provider Appreciation Day
National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

On May 8, 1360 the Treaty of Brétigny signed by English & French, ending the first phase of the Hundred Years’ War (

This weather we’re having is something else! I was wearing a winter coat this morning!! And we could get a freeze tomorrow night…western Maryland could see some snow! Definitely not “normal” for this time of year in Maryland. But, what is normal anymore? Will we ever see “normal” again?

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picfair (Potomac River)

Abstract Fleece Blanket featuring the photograph Field Daisy In Black And White by Holly Morris
60×80 fleece blanket
other styles/options also available
wrens nest with two eggs in a flower pot
wrens nest with two eggs
an image of a hiding butterfly with words
Blend in with nature
it will take care of you

take care
stay safe
much love

Be still and the Earth will speak to you ~ Navajo  WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #WildWomanSisterhood #nativeamericanwisdom

Be still
and the earth
will speak to you
~ Navajo Proverb

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