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May 13, 2020

All images taken with my cell phone today
May 13, 2020

my thoughts for today

At least, I hope I can keep it simple. The sun came out, the temperature has risen…73 degrees (22.78 C) outside right now, my pool is full and I can now run the filter and really start getting it ready for swimming season!

Hardly a cloud in sight…

But the one’s that are around,
look like some sort of dragon…

Not the best sunburst, but that’s ok! I got a better one with my CANON, which I will show you later (not today).

My one and only Columbine… not the best, but it’s only a cell phone photo. Got some pretty good ones with my CANON.

I used to have more Columbines. I have no idea what happened, but I do know I will have to get some seeds at some point. So it’s not lonely!

Another purple Iris is blooming…

The cold temps the last couple of nights didn’t seem to hurt them too badly. A freeze or frost may have damaged the blooming ones, but I have so many…it’s not even funny!

The other Iris is kinda droopy, but it’s been blooming for about a week. The Iris’ I have, have at least two blooms, maybe three, per stalk.

When I was working on the photo, getting it ready to show you, I noticed a little ant inside.

So I cropped it so I could show it to you. Once you know where it is, you can see it in the original.

I really hope that maybe
just maybe
spring has finally



Tomorrow is…

May 14
National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
National Underground America Day
National Dance Like A Chicken Day
National Caesar Day
National Decency Day
Older Americans Month
National Get Caught Reading Month

American Director, George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) was born May 14, 1944 in Modesto California.(

On May 14, 1027 Robert II of France names his son Henry I as junior King of the Franks (

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Spider Spiral Notebook featuring the photograph Hanging By A Thread by Holly Morris
hanging by a thread
other styles/options also available
yellow and black trampoline spider
yellow black trampoline spider

Make A Joyful Noise

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

"Always end your day with a positive thought and a grateful heart."

Always end your day
with a positive thought
and a grateful heart.


take care
stay safe
much love

By the way, I had no intention of making spiders my theme for today, it just happened!!

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