Legends Of Frederick County: Civil War

May 19, 2020

This info comes from Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County by Cannon and Whitmore. I thought I’d deviate just a little from the normal story telling and give you some info…

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When it comes to Frederick County and the Civil War most people know about Barbara Fritchie, the woman that hung out her window with an American Flag, pleading “Shoot if you must this old gray head, but spare your country’s flag.” It is disputed as to whether or not it really happened. Regardless, a replication of her house stands in Frederick.

Barbara Fritchie - Wikipedia
Barbara Fritchie

Here are some other important facts when it come to Frederick and the Civil War:

Slavery, John Brown's hanging and the raid on Harpers Ferry - The Washington Post
The day John Brown was hanged
for his raid on Harper’s Ferry
  • In October of 1859, word was received that John Brown and his raiders had captured Harper’s Ferry’s arsenal. President Buchanan first accepted assistance from Frederick’s military companies.
  • A ransom of $200,000 was forced to be paid on July 9, 1864, by the city of Frederick to General Jubal A. Early. Union forces were able to form a line of defense and prepare for battle on the Monocacy because of delays, due to negotiations. This battle allowed the Union army to fortify and defend Washington, D.C. The Rebels/Confederates had to retreat to Virginia.
  • At one point during the war, Frederick had as many as seventeen (17) hospitals, treating both Union and confederate troops. Many homes were turned into hospitals, some being sympathetic towards the Confederates, going so far as hiding wounded soldiers.
  • On the outskirts of Burkittsville there was a battle that occurred just below where there is a Civil War correspondents memorial. Both armies – Union and Confederate – had decided to attack before dawn.Union troops, armed only with rifles, took the Rebels entirely by surprise. The Confederates were in the process of moving their cannon up the hill. Many Confederates retreated, but thousands of them fell. Burkittsville is also the sight of the Blair Witch Movies…
The actual house that inspired the 1999 film 'The Blair Witch ...
the house that inspired The Blair Witch Project

There have been reports off strange happenings in the Burkittsville area for many years. Eerie campfires can be seen in the mountains and open fields, with phantom soldiers sitting before the fire. When anyone decides to investigate, the fires will disappear. There is also Sppok Hill, where if you stop your car and put it in neutral, it will be pushed up the hill.

A Frederick family was hiding a confederate soldier when a company of Union soldiers showed up. They hid the wounded, Rebel soldier in the cellar, thinking the Union soldiers would soon be gone. The soldiers set up camp and stayed for several weeks, the family soon forgetting about the Rebel soldier hiding in the cellar. When the Union company left, and several months had gone by, all that was found in the cellar were bones. Shortly after, moaning and scratching sounds could be heard in the cellar. Visitors were often startled by the sudden appearance of a young Confederate soldier.

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