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May 20, 2020

So today, I’m stepping away from my dad’s story – just for a minute (week). I’m just about to the end, which means I will be editing and getting it ready to publish. Yes, I plan on publishing it. I know not many people will buy it, but that’s not the point! Which reminds me, I need to send a copy to his high school friend…

Instead, today, I wanted to tell you about the year without a summer.

Hope you enjoy!

Did you know that, a little over two hundred years ago that there was a volcano that caused temps to drop three degrees globally?

Yeah, I didn’t know anything about it ’til I was flipping through facebook and came across the article. I didn’t read it, but waited ’til this morning to check it out on my computer.

They didn’t know it at the time (1816), but in April 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted, spewing millions of tons of ash, dust and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. This eruption would affect life around the globe.

12 Facts About The 1815 Eruption Of Tambora That Will Blow Your ...
Mount Tambora

Europe and North America were devastated!

According to history.com, New England states experienced heavy snow and crop killing frost in June, July, and August. Europe also experienced an unseasonable chill. Some parts of the continent experienced 130 days of rain, with winter snows refusing to melt.

This wreaked havoc on the farmers across the northern hemisphere, millions died. Devastating diseases broke out, crops were decimated in China and Europe and the price of grain soared in the US.

The ash that was spewed from Tambora, blotted out the sun and caused or created a volcanic winter. A volcanic winter is when global temps are reduced by volcanic ash and sulfuric acid obscuring the sun, according to britannica.com. This has happened a number of times throughout history.

Many people of the time thought this unusual weather was divine intervention, but we now know that this weather disruption was caused by the huge eruption of a volcano. In the article at history.com, it states that the Tambora eruption was ten times more powerful than Krakatoa, which erupted in 1883.

Supposedly, Mary Schelley was inspired to write “Frankenstein”

1816 is also known as “The Poverty Year” and “Eighteen hundred and froze to death”

According to my websearch, Switzerland was the country most affected by the Tambora eruption

There are several books on the subject, available on Amazon

A volcanic summer happened in 1992, from what I read, mostly affecting New England (US). But scientists were not blaming volcanoes at the time the article was written (Northeast’s Strange Weather – NY Times). Mostly because it didn’t happen everywhere.

So…how’s the weather in your neck of the woods? It’s unseasonably cold here! At the moment – 51 degrees (10.5C). We refuse to light the wood stove again, but we might have to!

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