two hearts and a bee

May 20, 2020

today’s cell phone pics
my thoughts for today

I did manage to get a couple of photos with my cell phone today, after I cleaned the pool. My CANON battery was on the charger, as it was almost completely dead. After charging the battery for about an hour, I took the camera out, in hopes that the bee was still there. It was…

It’s been another cold and windy day! I guess cool is more like it, 63 degrees (17.2C) outside. The wind is making it feel cooler. I was wearing my winter coat when I started cleaning the pool, but had to switch to a sweatshirt, the sun came out! And, I did fire up the wood stove, mostly to take the chill off, as it was only 68 degrees in the house! During the summer, we might not be complaining. But then again, it is almost June!!

So anyway, here’s the pics I took today…

Hope you enjoy!!

sweet little bee
clinging for dear life
hold on
it will soon get better

Normally I save these for Sunday or Monday, but that’s ok. A little spruce up now and then never hurt anyone, right?

And then there’s this…

“hearts All Aflutter”

Don’t ask me how I did this…as I’m not completely sure! Came from the two bleeding hearts….
I messed with the lighting/contrast, and got this (below)…

Then I undid everything to get the words out. I messed with it a little bit more and got “Hearts All Aflutter”. I might do more, but I’m happy with what I have. So, we shall see.

Of course I’ll show you if I do!

We’re supposed to get rain Friday and Saturday, thunderstorms possible on Friday and I get my new pool vacuum on Sunday. We’ll see how things go…

tomorrow is…

May 21
National Memo Day
National Strawberries and Cream Day
National Waitstaff Day
National Red Cross Founder’s Day

On May 21, 120 BC, Aurelia Cotta, Mother of Julius Caesar, was born in Rome (d. 54 BC). ( How do they know this? So far back…

Mother of Julius Caesar Aurelia Cotta
Mother of Julius Ceasar
(not my image)

On May 21, 1792, Mount Unzen on Japan’s Shimabara Peninsula, erupts creating a tsunami, killing about 15,000; Japan’s deadliest volcanic eruption. (

Image result for mount unzen
Mount Unzen, Japan
(not my image)

to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below…
photos are also linked…

picfair (tree frogs)

Nature Face Mask featuring the photograph Delicate Mushrooms by Holly Morris
other styles/options available
yellow gladiolas at night with flash
yellow glads at night
abstract of a flying goose formation
fly away

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take care
stay safe
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Here soon, I will be making pages for pinterest, picfair, shutterstock, and pixels. I was hoping to get to it today, but no such luck.

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