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May 23, 2020

Cell phone photos
my thoughts for today

Saw two black snakes today! I got my hummingbird feeders out! I only have two right now, hopefully soon I will be able to get a couple more. I’d love to get a couple of handheld feeders! And, more flowers athat attract hummingbirds and butterflies! Can never have enough!!

DIY Handheld Hummingbird Feeder

This (above) might be better…now, do I have any empty spice container? And does it really work? Won’t hurt to try, right?

I don’t buy the hummingbird nectar, I just use sugar water. The recipe is 1 cup of sugar for every cup of water, or 1:1 ratio. Really, really sweet, but the hummingbirds love it!

Anyway, here’s some photos I took with my cell phone today!

Hope you enjoy!!

Black Rat Snake, the smaller of the two I saw today!

Peony, starting to open up!

Blue skies, white clouds, and grape vine! It won’t be too long ’til I have grapes… and strawberries!

A yellow Iris flower, the only one I have at the moment

I white Iris flower, ready for take off!

Another white Iris, opening up

I even got in the pool for a minute. Needed to clean it and siphon some of the water out, as it was too high! The pool vacuum is supposed to come tomorrow. Can’t wait to get it clean so I can actually swim! Besides the water feeling like ice, it will be ready to go! I can stay in it for a little bit…

I have to tell you…most parts of the country are seeing some kind of partial opening and people are everywhere! One thing I don’t get is, in New York, the beaches are open but you can’t go swimming! How much sense does that make? Yeah, I’m going to the beach and I’m just gonna sit there… no thanks! So glad I do have my pool! Most community pools aren’t opening as I understand it. Some of the decisions that have been made don’t make sense! I’ll get into that at a later date, once I’ve kinda wrapped my head around everything and – hopefully – made a little sense of it all!

Tomorrow is…

May 24
Brother’s Day
National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
National Escargot Day
National Scavenger Hunt Day
National Wyoming Day
National Yukatan Shrimp Day

On May 24, 15 BC, Julius Caesar Germanicus, Roman commander, born in Roma, Italia, Roman Empire (d. 19) (onthisday.com)

On May 24, 1086 Abbott Dauferio/Desiderius becomes Pope Victor III (onthisday.com)

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picfair (plants)

Close Up Tote Bag featuring the photograph two by Holly Morris
“Two” tote bag
other styles/options also available
yellow and black bumble bee on a pink-purple azalea flower
yellow and black bumble bee on purple azalia
a butterfly with the words happiness is a butterfly
“Happiness is a butterfly”

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Knockout Receiver Cover, If I've Gone Missing, I've Gone Fishing, Size: 2 inch, White

If I’ve gone missing
I’ve gone fishing

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