stinging nettles and a rubber duckie

May 24, 2020

fishing on the river

cell phone pics

I actually didn’t take too many photos with my cell phone today. It was cold and trying to rain. Most of my photos are still on my Canon, which I will be working on soon.

We went back to the Catoctin Creek Aquaduct, which is a little bit of a hike from the parking lot, but not too bad.

We got into a batch of stinging nettles…not fun! Of course, we were wearing shorts, our legs were itching like crazy!

If you’ve ever encountered stinging nettle, you know what I’m talking about. If not, consider yourself lucky! Below is an image of stinging nettle…

stinging nettle | Description & Uses | Britannica
not my image

looks like any other weed… kind of

It’s leaves cause a temporary stinging sensation that usually goes away on its own, especially if you leave it – the itch – alone. As hard as it may be not to itch, you shouldn’t. It will go away that much quicker. Once the plant has been boiled, cooked, dried or freeze dried, it is safe to consume.

According to, stinging nettle has been an herbal staple in medicine since ancient times. Egyptians used to use it for arthritis and lower back pain, while Romans used it to keep warm. It contains Vitamins A, K, and C, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, amino acids, essential fats and many more nutrients. If you would like to know more, leave me a comment and I will expand on this topic of stinging nettles and its benefits.

just an annoying bug

I have no idea what this bug is, but I found it interesting, nestled into the plant the way it is.

Some poor little child lost its rubber duckie! I stuck it back in the water and let it float downstream. It didn’t even float upright! Someone will find it, maybe make them smile. “There goes a rubber duckie, floating down the Potomac River!” If it even stays afloat! I know, I should’ve picked it up and put it in my backpack, to put in the trash when I got home…

We tried a couple of different spots, no luck at any of them! Hopefully better luck next time!

When we got back to the car, we dropped everything off and decided to go down to the river. Check things out. It was a busy place, as there is a boat ramp. If we had a boat, we would be doing that instead of hiking! We found a couple of spots that look promising, if we can get there early enough.

country road

On the way home, we decided to take a side road…pretty country side with lots of farm land. Of course, in the photo it looks like woods, which it is. I did it on purpose. Taking photos of farmhouses and stuff, unless I have permission, I just don’t do. UNLESS, it’s a basic farm or unidentifiable in location or whatever. One thing I learned in school…buildings should be treated – to a degree – just like people.

Next time, there will be more photos, I promise!

I tried to give you a hint yesterday, that I may not be around to post like I usually do…

Knockout Receiver Cover, If I've Gone Missing, I've Gone Fishing, Size: 2 inch, White

If I’ve gone missing
I’ve gone fishing

I just don’t like to come right out and say “Hey everyone! I won’t be home tomorrow cause I’m going fishing!” When something like that happens, I will try to subtly let you know, somehow, without coming right out and saying it. Just so you know…

Tomorrow is…

May 25
Memorial Day
National Tap Dance Day
National Brown Bag It Day
Towel Day
National Wine Day
National Missing Children’s Day

On May 25, 1085 Alfonso VI of León and Castile captures Toledo (

On May 25, 1494, Jacopo da Pontormo [Carucci], Italian painter (Sepulture of Christ),was born in Pontormo, Italy (d. 1557) (

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picfair (squirrels)

Nature IPhone Case featuring the photograph Angry Spider by Holly Morris
Angry Spider IPhone Case
single light pink rose with a honey bee on it with green leaf background
single light pink rose and a bee

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have to get back into it this summer...relaxing, sun, nature, adrenaline rush.

It’s Fish O’Clock

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