My Name Is Max: Vietnam

May 27, 2020

*sorry it took me longer than usual to post this this morning/afternoon. I had some things to do, that I just couldn’t avoid. I had to drive my ex to work, go to the bank and my son and I went to the park for a little bit. I will show you pics later this afternoon/evening. Right now, I’m trying to live in the moment, and not think too much. More on that, at a later date, when things have settled down and feelings are more calm...

On to Vietnam…

I don’t know why it’s dated 1958, when the war broke out in 1955, and being listed as “air wing” in official duties… I can’t find anything specifically for this, I have no idea, and I can’t ask him any more. Maybe someone can help me on this?

When the Vietnam War broke out, I had to enlist for the draft. Being blind in one eye, kept me from being sent to war. The same happened to my younger brother, Keith, but Larry, my youngest brother, was sent to Vietnam. He memorized the eye chart so he could go. Larry was an engineer, building bridges for the troops and disassembling them later, so they couldn’t be used by the enemy. He never talked about the war, or rarely ever.

I was kept state side, on reserve. If they needed me, I was to be called up for desk duty, or something of that nature. I was never called up.

If I had been called up, I may never have met my wife, Charlotte. It’s weird how things work out…

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I have a hunch, thinking about this, that my dad had a regular draft card until 1958. He would have had the drain-o accident in 1957, when he was 21. So, after that he would have had to re-register, having gone blind in one eye. It’s just a hunch though…

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