May 28, 2020

Just wanted to let you know that I made a Pixels page on my site. Pretty much, it’s just a goto page, so you can see what photos I have available there. I also thought you would probably like to see all the options available, without having to leave WordPress.

I’m not going to show every image I have available at Pixels, that would be insane! I have well over a hundred images uploaded to the site, with more to come. I will, however, try and update the page at least once a week. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

I’m still not sure exactly how this is gonna work, but it’s here, it’s public and it’s viewable. The details will work themselves out.

tomorrow is…

May 29
National CoQ Au Vin Day
National Paperclip Day

On May 29, 1594, Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim, Bavarian field marshal, born in Treuchtlingen, Bavaria (d. 1632) (onthisday.com)

On May 29, 1176, Lombard League beats Frederick Barbarossa and the Holy Roman Empire at the Battle at Legnano (onthisday.com)

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa
Holy Roman Emporer
Frederick Barbarossa
(not my image)

to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below…
photos are also linked…

picfair (moon)

I Forgot
Metal Print
toad resting on plastic tubing at night with blade of grass in the foreground
toad resting on plastic tubing

Do Not Dare
Not To Dare

hope you have a great day, night or evening,
where ever you may be!
thanks for stopping by!!


If you wear jeans 5 days in a row, they become all baggy and it looks like you’re losing weight.
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to go to my new Pixels page, click here. (you can also get to Pixels from there, if you chose to do so)

take care
stay safe
much love

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