Frederick County Legends: Ghost Dogs

June 2, 2020

These stories come from the book, Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County by Cannon and Whitmore.

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“Probably the most famous dog of this sort is the Snarly Yow, or Black Dog.” During the last century, he was often seen traversing coming down a favorite path on South Mountain, now known as Alternate Route 40. He would often stop along the path, scaring passersby. If anyone tried to follow, it would disappear.

The Snarly Yow – Notes from the Guestbook
Snarly Yow
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In the Emmitsburg area, not so far from Gettysburg, PA, there is a dog that is said to be the ghost of a cruel land owner named Leigh Masters. This dog has been sited in the region for over a hundred years. A large dog suddenly appeared in front of two men who were riding near Ore Mine Bridge. This was in 1887. The dog came through a fence on one side of the road, crossed over the road, and passed through a fence on the other side of the road. Once, a man tried to whip or strike the creature only to see the whip go through the animal. And, supposedly, the dog was intelligent, for when another man told the dog to walk beside him, it did. On another occasion, a man driving a wagon reported that the dog walked alongside him for a few yards, then disappeared just as quickly. It is said to be about three foot tall and is usually seen with a chain around its neck. “Legend has it that the dog is never seen more than once by the same person.”

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