June 3, 2020

my thoughts for today

There have been so many thoughts and changes going on right now, below is only a sampling of what has been running through my brain and through my life. I was going to share some thoughts on the rioting, but that will have to be saved for another day. I will say this though…just because someone died, needlessly by the hands of a cop, does not mean it’s ok to loot, riot, and destroy people, places or property. And that is exactly what is going on! The rest is for another day…

black hole colors
available at Pixels (linked)

There have been so many changes in the last few weeks! I know I mentioned not too long ago that I would more than likely only post two times a day. There will be times that I post three times a day, like today, just trying to figure it out. Once or twice a week. Also trying to get myself more organized. Things seem to be going rather smoothly, at the moment anyway.

a pine cone close up
available at Picfair (linked)

I just uploaded some new photos to Picfair – the above photo one of them,
which takes about 24 hours or so for them to approve. In the last year,
I’ve only had 1 not approved and that was because it was too abstracted

Now that my roommate, my ex, has gotten his truck fixed, I am back to being able to focus like I should. As for my roommate? That’s what he is, until he can prove to me that I am better than what/how he has been treating me. I deserve better, and if he slips up – just once, he is gone! That’s a promise. I don’t care, if he has no where to go. That’s not my problem. If he can’t treat me the way I deserve, he knows he is not welcome in my house. Period! He treats his mother the same way, so I have my doubts. One last chance, that’s it!

Also wanted to show you the improvements I’ve made to the butterfly photo. It is much better, is it not? It will more than likely be available at Pinterest, or as a print…
I’ve been thinking a lot about adding services (photo editing, for example), prints, downloads…I’m just not sure at the moment. Will I be overwhelmed? Can I send prints overseas? Do I just limit any sales to U.S.? Do I do this through the online store available at WordPress? Or on my own? And then there’s the whole thing with payments. I know there are options, but these are all questions I need to have a firm grip with, before I move forward. I know I can, just need to take that step. When the time is right… knowing as much as I can… or not. You know how it goes!

I have been working on the pool,
just about ready to open
Still need to get my tomato and zucchini plants in the ground
Do I add chickens to the mix? For eggs and maybe even meat?

below, you will find more examples of art/photos I have available at different sites…

Abstract IPhone Case featuring the photograph Black Hole Colors by Holly Morris
black hole colors IPhone case
Daffodil growing along rock footpath
daffodil growing along rock path

I’m not too fond of Shutterstock, and I’d rather not delete all the photos I have available there and have to reload them somewhere else. Of the sites I upload to, Shutterstock is the absolute pickiest. About half that I’ve submitted have been rejected. I can take the same photo that has been rejected at Shutterstock, upload it to Picfair…no problems.

a yellow butterfly on pink flowers with black and white background

May you always be brave enough to fly

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

In June

when you were born…
summer blew into town
barefoot and tossing her hair.
Children ran free from school
and at night,
imagined that fireflies
really were fairies.
The long days
made everyone
feel deliciously


take care
stay safe
much love

4 Comments on “changes

  1. Hi Holly! Sorry about your bf. Rough. It’s best not to associate with folks who belittle us, that’s for sure.

    Your butterfly photo is so surreal; it literally looks like it’s on the moon or something, because the grass in the background you grayed out, I suppose, and the contrast therefore with the pink flowers reminds me of a style I have seen on Pinterest. I shall share one of these days what I am referring to.

    The black hole I was like, “Meh”, until I saw it on the phone case–wow! fits really well! You obviously know what you’re doing.

    I got your snake in the leaves photo; it’s amazing. The color is so much better than what was digitaly represented. The print quality is amazing. Somehow the photo translates into an awesome print, and it just glows off the page. Sorry if this is really rude; I just wonder about these things, like digital vs analog photography, print quality vs web representation quality. See? I don’t even know the right terms for most of these things! Anyway, thanks for the photo (even though it was a bit pricey), but I’m glad to send some financial love your way in return for some wonderful art.

    Well anyway.

    • Thank You!!
      This actually gives me something to work with this vs that kinda thing!
      I’m trying to figure out where to put the butterfly photo, as even the original is kinda small.
      I’m glad you like the snake photo! Is it ok if I put your review on my blog?
      Thank you again! 🙂

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