found under the couch

June 15, 2020

Once again, I’m showing you a not-so-pretty photo. And I can’t believe I’m doing this, but here it is…

a dead mouse

Yes, it’s a dead mouse!

I have no idea how long it was under the couch, long enough to start to decompose!

My son and I rolled up the area rug in the living room for the summer and put it in the storage area in the basement. Then, we moved the couch so I could clean behind it. The couch hadn’t been moved in probably two years! There, amongst the bust bunnies and other debris, is what I thought was a dead mouse. That was my first thought, but then I thought it was just stuff that had fallen behind the couch. You know…little things that are soon forgotten. After sweeping it up into the dust pan, I realized it really was a dead mouse!

My cat probably was playing with it at some point in time, it ran behind the couch and died!

So, I suggest moving furniture every once in a while. So, the stuff that finds its way to the forgotten lands behind the couch, isn’t so nasty when it is found!

I also found a dime, a ring, an earring and my library card! So now I am richer, prettier and can now go to the library – once the library opens again!

And also on a brighter note, the wren has made a nest – once again – in my strawberry planter. There are two eggs in the nest at the moment. I haven’t taken any pics yet, but I will!

And some humor…

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2 Comments on “found under the couch

  1. That’s so funny , but poor little mouse! Reminds me of the time my cat caught a mouse and brought it up on the bed while I was asleep. What woke me up was him flipping it all around! 🙂

    • I think I’d be a little upset with the cat for that…but that’s what cat’s do! “Aren’t you happy, mommy?” This isn’t the first time I’ve found a dead mouse in the house, nor will it be the last!

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