a mix of emotions

June 21, 2020

I’m really delaying in writing this, for reasons I will explain at the end…you’ll see why. I’m really just waiting til this is right, not rushing this at all.

We had our family reunion (my dad’s side) yesterday, at Shawnee State Park in Pennsylvania. Only 6 of us showed up, I think covid-19 kept most people home. We practiced social distancing and that’s the most important thing. Hopefully, next year more people will show up… only time will tell. 🙂 It did feel a little weird not hugging, but we got through it.

the lake at Shawnee State Park, Pennsylvania

The pavilion we had rented for the day is behind me.

Everyone that was swimming and hanging out, practiced social distancing as well. The park was pretty crowded – or at least it seemed that way to me. But when walking on the beach, their didn’t seem to be too many people and everyone was spread out. Staying primarily in their bubble. Even the campground seemed a bit full. Fuller than I’ve ever seen it when we have camped there.

almost looks like snow
but I assure you
it’s not
as my feet are stuck in those clouds

On the way home, it poured. Buckets!! Thank goodness we were in the Tahoe!! If we had been in my Aveo, we would have had to pull over somewhere and let the storm pass. The photo above is taken with the wipers at full speed. I even managed to get a video of it, which is on youtube.

13 years old
The last picture

This will be the last picture I ever take of Kalimba. Baby Boy! Mr. Tuxedo! He is seeing his final days. It’s hitting me harder than any of my other cats. Maybe it’s because he thought he was a dog. But he is really pulling at my heart strings.

He will die at home. He hasn’t left this property since he was brought home. He’s not leaving now, nor ever. He will be buried under the pine tree with the rest of the pets that have died. Even the first hermit crab. Yeah, I buried him there. The other one’s? No, I just threw them into the woods. Seems silly to bury a hermit crab, but he was my first one and lived for four or five years. So, yeah, I buried him with the others. Hermit Crabs typically only live for a few months, around seven (mos) I think. If I remember correctly.

He totally turned his nose up to food this morning and last night. Eating only soft food mixed with water for the last two or three days. And drinking plenty of water. Lots of water til yesterday. Now, he’s laying back in the guest room.

He is not in any pain, and seems to be happy.

In Memory
Kind Of

Love You
Baby Boy

hope you have a great day!
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if you would like to read more of Kalimba’s story, click here

5 Comments on “a mix of emotions

  1. Awwww, what a sweet baby 😢 I have lost 3 kitties as an adult. I can still cry for missing them. Pets love unconditionally and are forever in our hearts. I’m so sorry for you and hope Kalimba goes to kitty heaven peacefully. 🙏🏻💙🤗

  2. Such a sweet soul, your kitty. It is so hard for us when they cross the rainbow bridge. I like to think they are joyfully romping around over there, just keeping busy until we see them again. <3
    I've been crying all morning because we lost one of the new kittens today. He was under the car engine, and didn't run out I guess when the car started. So awfully sad, only about 3 mo. old. I think the other little ones here already miss him.

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  4. Truly sorry to hear this news.🐱. I lost my cat Shakespeare many years ago. It took me years before My now 10 year old Hamlet came into my life.

    • Thank you! We don’t plan on waiting that long…I can’t. Maybe in the spring, we will get another cat…or two!
      I still can’t believe he’s gone, but it has gotten easier.

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