Garden of the Gods

June 29, 2020

“The richness I receive comes from nature,
the source of my inspiration.”
~ Claude Monet

originally posted Jan 6, 2020

A long time ago…

…a rare glimpse…
at the Garden of the Gods, Colorado

see that girl standing there? With her hands on her hips and hardly, well, dressed?

I know I kinda blend in with the background, but, that’s me…post cancer and pre-baby! My grandmother picked me up from the air port and said something along the lines of “We’re going to the Garden of the Gods on the way home”! Yeah, here I am, in a ankle length dress, granny boots, and a halter top! Perfect attire for walking around the “Garden”!! I had to take my boots off to climb up there! I actually do better in my bare feet…but that’s another story!

If I had known, I would’ve dressed totally different! Those people in the fore ground must have thought I was crazy!

Anyway, that’s about all I have for now! I worked outside of the home for a few hours today and when I got home I had some things to catch up on – like bring firewood in. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow! And you know what that means!! There’s a good possibility you will see a photo or two of snow, if it does snow!

I had to change it to black and white, there was nothing I could do about that!

“Escape the ordinary!” ~ unknown

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3 Comments on “Garden of the Gods

  1. I see you! And I love the Garden of the Gods. My parents took us there when I was 8 in 1978. I’ve made several trips back. Thank you for sharing! Have a great week 💚

    • Thanks! You do the same!
      I’ve been to the garden twice, we went again when my son was three. He doesn’t remember it, and they had a fence around that rock (balancing rock?).

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