Frederick County Legends: wings at midnight

June 30, 2020

This story comes from the book Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County by Canoon and Whitmore.

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Wings at Midnight

“Late in the 1800’s, South Mountain House – now a restaurant called the Old South Mountain Inn – located about twelve miles northwest of Frederick, was poised atop South Mountain much like an old manor seat, then being the only building of any size for miles. Founded in 1732, as an inn for weary travelers, this old structure has had an interesting history. It is said that General Edward Braddock, accompanied by a young lieutenant named George Washington, marched his army past this old inn on his way to his death near Fort Duquesne in the French and Indian War. Later, in the 1820’s, it served as a wagon stand and stage coach stop along the National Road, now Alternate Route 40. During the Civil War, the old inn was briefly held as an overnight out-post and staging point for some of John Brown’s followers. Later, it was headquarters of the Confederate General D. H. Hill, during the battle of South Mountain.”
“South Mountain House, as we shall call it, is not only known for its history but for strange stories and legends associated with it.”

The Oldest Restaurant in Every State
Old South Mountain Inn
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One night, a lady guest was preparing for bed after an evening of pleasant conversation. The summer night seemed more oppressive than usual, and it had been a long, wearying day. She sat by the window before bed, hoping to catch one last breath of fresh air. The view from the window during the day allowed for a magnificent view of the fields, which had once heard the dreadful cries of war. The fields were dark now.
All at once, she was startled by a bright light which was cast upon the house. There was not a star in the night sky, only inky blackness.
When she looked back out towards the field, she saw an eight foot tall, shrouded figure of human form, not fifty yards away. An eerie, bright light surrounded it. She quickly closed the window, not looking again at the shrouded figure.
When she realized that it was exactly midnight, she received a chill.
After a while, that summer gone, the story was scarcely remembered. One night, about a year later, the hostess of the inn heard a light tapping at the door. One of her guests was standing at the door,
“Sorry to disturb you madam, I have just seen a ghost.” the woman at the door stated. The woman told an eerily similar story as the woman a year earlier had told. They agreed not to mention the story to anyone else, as the old English clock struck midnight.
A couple of weeks later, the woman’s stay at the inn was about to end. The two ladies stood at the open window, reminded about the apparition a few weeks earlier. Suddenly, one of them leaned out the window, and yelled into the dark night “Who are you? Are you a lost soul?” Almost instantly, “two phosphorescent wings flashed and fluttered wildly in the grove a few yards away.” Just as quickly, the wings disappeared into the night.
The window was quickly shut, and the two women spoke of God.

At that very moment, the clock struck midnight.

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