July 2, 2020

This is one of the first posts I made…with few changes made to update it. This “ordeal” took place during the summer of 2018, having preserved it and hung it in the house by that fall.

originally posted March 24, 2019

Huge hornets nest

Yes! That’s a hornets nest and yes it’s in my house! Don’t worry, it’s a dead nest and it has been preserved.

It was quite an ordeal to get it in the house!

When I first noticed it by the pool, it was only about the size of a softball. The hornets weren’t bothering me, over the weekend I’d take care of it. Get some hornet spray and I’d be done with it. No big deal!

Well, time got away from me. I got busy with work and life.

Hornet’s nest hanging in the tree

Weeks go by…after all, they weren’t bothering me or anyone else. So let it be…

We weren’t able to kill the nest on the first try. All the spray did was irritate the hornets! They were mad, but still no stings.

can barely see the nest, it’s near the top right corner. No wonder we didn’t notice it at first…

We, again, had to go out and get some more – stronger – spray. And of coarse, the best time to spray is at dusk or night!

So, some time goes by but now we’re ready! My boyfriend and I are armed and ready! I wish I had been able to get some pics or a video of this event, but, we were fully loaded with spray and weren’t really thinking about taking photos.

So, we start spraying! Now, you have to use you’re imagination here…two people, getting ready to spray a nest that’s huge! Hundreds if not thousands of hornets. This could get nasty. We have the spot light on so we can see.

At first, no big deal. They were buzzing around, upset, but not angry… yet! Then, boom, just like that, with a click of the fingers, they’re angry! I was the first to go inside. A minute later, my boyfriend. Only one hornet got in, I found it dead in my dresser the next day.

We left the light on for a couple of minutes to watch them attack the light. Even with the door closed, we could here them attacking the light.

The best part…? No one got stung! Absolutely amazing!!

Then next morning there were thousands of dead hornets on the ground. There were still some buzzing around…it took a couple of days, but the nest was finally dead.

The nest is finally dead!!

When we cut it down so I could preserve it, some dead hornets fell out.

Preserving it was the easy part. I used appoxy to preserve it. I even preserved some hornets and stuck them on the nest.

So, that’s my story of the hornets nest and how it got in the house! (During the summer, it goes on the deck.)

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abstract image of hornets nest with beware words

Beware the hornets nest

the following images I pulled from pinterest…

Alabamians, Beware the Wasp ‘Super Nest’ | Smart News | Smithsonian
Hornet Nest 2015 - End
hornets nest | ... Pesty Neighbors from stealing fruit with a Decoy Hornet's Nest

take care
stay safe
and away from any
hornets nests
or any nests

much love

3 Comments on “HORNETS NEST

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen a hornet or a nest, but have wasps here. Funny though, our Jr. High mascot was the hornet! Very cool you kept the nest. It looks so strange. 🙂

    • My boyfriend thought I was crazy for wanting to save it…until I told him I could preserve it. The hardest part was getting the inside…it’s starting to deteriorate. I’ll keep it as long as I can.

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