hot enough to melt

July 6, 2020

fun with words

When I worked on this photo, I had a totally different plan, than what you see below…
It is what it is.

I have no idea what’s going on here!!!!
This is absolutely crazy! Half of this is showing up on top of the photo, so I have to actually preview before publishing! Sooo….


It is so incredibly hot! My indoor/outdoor thermometer says it’s 94 degrees (34.4C) outside, but it feels much warmer. It is 84 degrees in the house…no air conditioning. I have three ceiling fans and a box fan going, plus a fan in the bathroom. I am in the basement at the moment, where it is 78 degrees (25.5C).

Plus, all the lights are off…

keeping it cooler

The shades are drawn…
Windows open

keeping it cooler
and not so hot
or balmy
the old fashioned way

Life is like a hot tub
the longer you stay
the more wrinkled you get

Happiness is…

a glass of cold water
after a walk home
in hot weather

air conditioning
on a hot summer night

To everyone that complained in the winter
that is was too cold…
are you happy now?

25 Hot Weather Quotes to Help You Relax - EnkiQuotes

I say…
It’s so hot!
The hens are picking up
worms with potholders!

Hope you have a great day!
take care
stay safe
Thanks for stopping by!!
much love

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